Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Erik goes fishing

Erik has been begging to go fishing, so we got him a fishing rod for his birthday.

This was his first fishing trip.

Grasshopper Parfaits

For St. Patrick's day I made a lightened up version of the grasshopper parfaits recipe I found on

Here is my version of the recipe.

1/2 cup of fat-free, sugar-free jello pudding - chocolate flavor
2 tbsp cool whip free
a couple drops of green food coloring
2 thin mints, crushed

Mix cool whip free and food coloring until you reach your desired color of green.
Put half of the pudding in the bottom of a pretty class.
Top with half of the cool whip.
Then top with half of the crushed thin mints.

Erik is really ready to eat Grasshopper Parfaits - he was not disappointed.

Here is the finished product.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Been a While

I am going to try blogging again. We'll see what happens.

James is 10 1/2 months old and thinks he is such a big man because he can eat Cheerios and cubes banana pieces all by himself.

Erik just turned 4 and thinks he knows everything because he is 4.

Todd now had Type 1 diabetes but handles it like a real pro. The man is outstanding at guestimating how many carbs are in a dish.

I have been in a flare since the fall and am ready to be done with that. But, everytime my steriods get below 20 mg per day I seem to have problems. Still love my doc, though. I got my hair highlighted the other day. It is really different but kind of fun.

We got the boys a membership to the McWayne center for Christmas. It has been fun. We went to the CraneWorks big trucks day. The boys (Erik) got to sit in a backhoe, a front end loader, a police car, a fire truck, and other fun vehicles. Erik loves digging for fossils the best.

That is all for now, I guess.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

11 lbs

I had to take James to the doctor yesterday (he probably has some reflux). He weighed 11 lbs. The doctor said his growth was outstanding. I guess he won't let the fact that he was born 5 weeks early slow him down. Good job James!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Galactosemia and Surgery Update

Yesterday was eventful. I got a call from UAB's newborn testing coordinator for genetic testing. Jame's new born screening for galactosemia had been off (we knew this), and the results from Dr. Simpson's double check and the genetic testing that was sent off to Emory had returned. James has a low level of the enzyme needed to digest galactose (the hospital and Dr. Simpson's test) confirmed the low level; the testing sent to Emory revealed he is Duarte Galactosemic. This means he has one gene for galactosemia and one gene for duarte galactosemia.

The coordinator said that means he needs to be on no dairy for 1 year. After that, dairy will be slowly reintroduced (my understanding is that it will be reintroduced under the guidance of a pediatrician - I am not sure if it will be Dr. Simpson or the UAB genetic peds). The coordinator said that they have never had a duarte patient have trouble after the first year, and the first year no dairy is most precautionary (but considering the complications if too much galactose is in his system, it is necessary).

I checked out the galactosemia website. I am so thrilled that it is not classic galactosemia which has a number of complications even when treated. Praise the Lord!!!!

Also, my follow up appointment with the surgeon was yesterday. I am very tender in my upper abdomen and lower right side of my abdomen. He thinks it is part of the healing processes (I also think the extreme diarrhea I have had since the surgery had contributed to this). He gave me instructions that if I get more tender in the upper abdomen (where the abscess was), I am to call him. If I get more tender in the side, call the gastro.

He also said I am supposed to come back at the first of September so he can check to make sure the place where the abscess was hasn't become herniated.

Other than that, he said I will continue to be in pain off and on for a while. When they removed the abscess, a big space was left. In addition to all the organs returning to their normal place after pregnancy, my organs also have to fill the space of the abscess and heal.

So, I am to continue to take it easy and continue on the healing process. I am betting that since he won't know until September if I have developed a hernia, it will be longer than I hoped before my stomach feels somewhat normal.

The surgeon also put me on the yucky tasting medicine to try to stop my diarrhea (which he had hoped would stop on its own). When he removed 1 foot of my small intestine, it was the part of the small intestine responsible for absorbing vitamin B12 (I will have to be on shots for the rest of my life) and reabsorbing body salts (think the electrolytes like in gatorade). The multivitamin I am on should help prevent any imbalances, but the unabsorbed salts act as a laxative when they hit my large intestine. He said to stay on this until the gastro changes it (if he chooses to).

The funny thing is that the medicine is actually a cholesterol lowering medicine. The diarrhea usage is off label, but the pharmacist said it is common and safe for a problem like mine. So while my cholesterol was previously healthy, I guess in addition to not being trapped to places with restrooms close by, my cholesterol will also be extra healthy.

I am having trouble adjusting to the fact that this is a life-long change for me. I have had what we believed to be IBS for as long as I can remember; however I never thought of it as life-long because most of IBS treatment is eating high fiber foods. The idea of being on medicines for the rest of my life seems weird to me. It is also a little scary to think I will have to be so diligent. I can have trouble remembering to take medicines. I am trusting God to give me a habit of taking care of myself so it doesn't become a problem.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Quick Update

James was born on May 4th (at 34 weeks 6 days). He is healthy but little. 5 lbs 7 oz. He had a check up today. He is now 6 lbs 5 oz. Dr. said he is growing faster than the rate they hope for.

I had a CT scan the on May 5 to see what the lump in my stomach was (and the source of all my pain). Turns out that I had a perforation in my small bowel (due to undiagnosed Crohn's Disease). The perforation caused an abscess that was growing through my abdomen wall.

May 6th was surgery prep day. Basically it was a colonosocpy type prep (with a lot of crying on my part). James is discharged from hospital with Todd.

May 7th was my surgery. They removed the abscess and a foot of my small intestine (called bowel resection).

May 8th -17th - surgery recovery in the hospital. The surgeon says I have no idea how sick I was. I am sure he is right; however, I am sure I did not enjoy the recovery. I was so sick my colon would not "wake up." They had hoped it would happen right away; mine took 7 days. I ended up spending most of the time not allowed anything by mouth. Finally I had an NG tube and pit lines (for IV feeding) and a blood transfusion. This time period also included mountains of vomiting, diarrhea, blood work, cultures, samples, and other gross stuff.

May 18th - I go home after a half day of solid food.

Since May 18th I have been trying to recover. I am eating better. I am gaining some strength, although stairs are still beyond my ability. It is amazing how much energy putting clothes on takes. I cry easily (or more easily than usual). My colon that wouldn't wake up now won't slow down. The surgeon said 6 to 8 weeks recovery. Today is week 3. The gastro doctor told me to expect all the recovery to take on the longer side because I was so sick for so long, had the baby, and then had the surgery (and I went into the surgery almost needing a blood transfusion due to low iron).

Hopefully I will feel well enough to post pictures of James soon.

Erik has been such a good boy and big brother through all of this. God sent Todd's mom to stay with us just days before James was born. She has been so wonderful. My mom was so wonderful staying with me almost round the clock the entire time I was at the hospital. Todd has been amazing taking care of Erik and James. The man is a super dad!